Say 'I Love You' with Everlasting Flower Arrangements and Wreaths This Mother's Day

Say 'I Love You' with Everlasting Flower Arrangements and Wreaths This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner (May 14th!), and if you're still searching for the perfect gift, you might want to consider giving a beautiful silk flower arrangement or stunning handcrafted wreath. While fresh flowers are a popular choice, silk flowers offer a variety of benefits that make them a fantastic alternative.

To begin with, silk flowers are incredibly long-lasting.  Fresh flowers can wilt and die within a few days, leaving your gift recipient disappointed.  In contrast, silk flowers can be enjoyed for years, making them a thoughtful and long-lasting gift.  Another great thing about silk flowers is that they require minimal maintenance.  Your mom won't have to worry about watering them, and they won't attract insects or cause allergies.  Plus, silk flowers are also more environmentally friendly than fresh flowers, as they don't require any pesticides or herbicides.

At Faux Real Florals by Yasmin, we offer a wide range of handcrafted silk flower arrangements and wreaths that make for a beautiful and thoughtful gift.  Our wreaths are meticulously designed with premium silk flowers and foliage, so you can rest assured that your gift will be of the highest quality. Whether your mom prefers classic roses or colorful tulips, we have a wreath that will suit her taste.

One of our most popular wreaths for Mother's Day is our Purple and White Pansy Wreath.

This handcrafted silk wreath features a stunning arrangement of purple and white pansies, eucalyptus sprigs, delicate maidenhair fern, and charming purple berry and clover sprays. Each element is meticulously arranged to create a beautiful and cohesive design that will add a pop of color and texture to any space. Plus, the silk flowers will last for years, reminding your mom of your love and appreciation for her.

Another great gift idea is our Magnolia Silk Flower Arrangement.  

This gorgeous, yet simple arrangement features lifelike Magnolia blooms, river stones, and silk green leaf sprays arranged in a lettuce-rimmed glass vase.  This popular item is a timeless piece that will bring your loved one joy for years to come.

If you want some color, consider this vibrant fuchsia tulip bouquet!

Silk flowers and wreaths are a thoughtful and long-lasting gift option for Mother's Day. Not only do they require minimal maintenance, but they can be enjoyed for years to come.  If you still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please consider contacting us for a custom order – we would love to work with your ideas and your budget!

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