Celebrate Beautiful  Fall!

Celebrate Beautiful Fall!

Autumn is a Season of Colors and Textures

As the leaves change into beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow and the air becomes crisp, it's time to usher in the warmth and beauty of fall into our homes.  This is the season to find handcrafted treasures that bring the spirit of autumn to life.


Fall Wreaths: Nature-Inspired Elegance

Faux Real Florals by Yasmin takes the art of wreath-making to new heights, crafting stunning fall wreaths that capture the essence of the season with blends of earthy elements combined with vibrant bursts of color.  An array of autumn leaves, pinecones, and berries are arranged to create a symphony of textures. Each wreath unique and not mass-produced.


Thanksgiving Floral Arrangements: A Feast for the Eyes

Setting the stage for a memorable Thanksgiving celebration, Faux Real Florals by Yasmin presents an exquisite collection of floral centerpieces. From the rich hues of fall foliage to the warm tones of harvest-inspired flowers, each arrangement is a work of art that adds a touch of sophistication to your holiday table. Detail and commitment to quality shine through in every centerpiece, making it a focal point that sparks conversations and creates lasting memories.


Crafted with Passion

What sets Faux Real Florals by Yasmin apart is not just the visual appeal of the creations but the passion and dedication infused into each piece. The hands-on approach by Yasmin ensures that each wreath and centerpiece tells a story of craftsmanship and love for nature. The selection of faux flowers and the artful arrangement showcase a commitment to quality that stands the test of time.


More Than Décor: A Reflection of Gratitude

 Beyond being unique décor pieces, the fall wreaths and Thanksgiving floral centerpieces from serve as a reflection of gratitude. Yasmin's creations inspire a sense of appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us, even in the simplest things. This Thanksgiving, express your thankfulness with a touch of nature's elegance brought to life by Faux Real Florals by Yasmin

We invite you to embrace the magic of fall with handcrafted creations that go beyond mere decorations. Bring the warmth and elegance of Yasmin's fall wreaths and Thanksgiving floral centerpieces to your space, celebrating the season in style and with a touch of nature's splendor.

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