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Faux Real Florals by Yasmin

Tulips and Freesia Arrangement

Tulips and Freesia Arrangement

नियमित किंमत Rs. 8,100.00
नियमित किंमत विक्री किंमत Rs. 8,100.00
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Life-like silk arrangement set in a 6" cube vase. This beautiful arrangement features real-touch purple Holland tulips and delicate freesia, expertly crafted to look and feel like the real thing. 

  • 6" glass cube vase
  • Silk Holland tulips
  • Silk freesia
  • Silk coleus leaves
  • Grasses
  • Natural river stones
  • Overal dimension: 23"H x 20"W
  • Handcrafted by Faux Real Florals by Yasmin
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